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Bermuda House Condominium - Pompano Beach, Florida

Bermuda House Condominium Pompano Beach, Florida

From: Steve Snider-Bermuda House President
May, 2018


The intent of this letter on the Bermuda House website is to provide information to be used as a tool for buyers, realtors, insurance and financial institutions for disclosure of improvements as of May 2018 so that valuations can be prepared accurately.


The Bermuda House Condominium located at 328 N. Ocean Blvd, Pompano Beach, Fl was built in 1970 and consists of 114 units. The number of residential units in this building is very appealing to many residents compared to crowded neighboring buildings who have double the amount of units. The unique design of the building is built with a curved shape instead of rectangular shape and this design provides a private balcony out of the view of neighbors and also provides a ocean view from every apartment.

There are no inner hallways to access apartments that require air conditioning, higher common area maintenance expenses and additional fire/security concerns. All resident front doors open to a covered well illuminated open air catwalk that provides quick access to two (2) updated center located elevators or stairwells located at each end of the building.

The Bermuda House apartments are all two (2) bedroom with two (2) baths. Every apartment has a ocean view from living room, master bedroom windows and private apartment balconies.

Building Amenities:

The updated pool is heated with a solar panel/electric heat pump system and this drastically reduced pool heat expenses. The pool is always warm. Pool furniture was new in 2014. The pool has been updated to meet current safety standards with proper drain system/LED lights and is inspected periodically by a Pompano Beach inspector. The updated exercise room/gym has nice work out equipment. The Beach Club is a common area room with a updated kitchen and bathrooms that can be reserved by residents for entertaining family and friends. There is a bicycle storage room. Each floor (2 thru PH) has a 2014 updated laundry room with commercial rated machines. The north lawn provides a shuffle board court and green area. A new outdoor kitchen provides a very nice grilling area for residents. Landscaping is professionally maintained and it shows. Parking for residents is provided by one assigned vehicle space (deeded) and a west parking lot for an additional vehicle or guests.


Security for the Bermuda House is provided by numerous video cameras, high quality unit owner door locks, building access for common area doors and parking gates is provided by a FOB or remote. A vigilant board of directors and staff are always looking out for resident's well-being. The building residents have been subjected to a thorough background and credit check. The Bermuda House is known as the condominium building in Pompano Beach with very few police calls. A complete new security camera system was installed in 2018.

Fire Safety:

A recent inspection by a Fire Life Safety Engineer determined that a apartment fire sprinkler retrofit was not required due to outer catwalk stairwell evacuation at both ends of the catwalks and also due to the updated building fire alarm system. The Bermuda House fire alarm system was completely replaced and was updated recently. There are periodic inspections by the Pompano Beach Fire Department Inspector and the association Fire Alarm Firm to ensure fire safety for residents.

The Bermuda House has a generator for emergency common area lighting and elevator operation in the event of a power outage.

Building Cement Restoration:

The Bermuda House has undergone extensive building restoration. Cement restoration occurred in 2003, 2004, 2014 and upper garage cement restoration in 2017. The roof surface was replaced in 2012 and the domestic water system updated in 2014. The building electrical system has been extensively updated. Common area lights at common areas and landscaping lights have been updated and are LED energy efficient. The building railings were new in 2004 and refinished in 2014.

Hurricane Rated Windows and Hurricane Shutters:

The building meets or exceeds Miami Dade/Broward County hurricane requirements in regard to hurricane protected openings and also exceeds insurance wind mitigation inspection standards with both laminated impact hurricane glass and accordion hurricane shutters. This is a rarity and is designed to keep a hurricane out of the building.

The restoration of the kitchen and sanitary drain plumbing systems occurred in 2014 and we have learned that cast iron drain pipes in buildings over 45 years old are for the most part time expired. Pipe-Lining Technologies in Palm Beach, Florida lined all the main pipes with PVC and these main horizontal and vertical drain pipes now have the strength of new PVC piping. The vertical pipes are lined with PVC from the roof to the ground and horizontal pipes are lined to the street. At this time (May 2018) the building is in the process of replacing all remaining secondary cast iron bathroom and roof drain pipes. This plumbing project is expected to be finished by August 2018 and is a huge accomplishment that is another rarity in buildings this age.

The cooling tower located on the roof was rebuilt in 2018 and provides apartments with the ability to have a very efficient air conditioning system. The condensate drain system was serviced in 2014. The ventilation system for each apartment stack was serviced will also be completely replaced by August 2018.


The Bermuda House location on Pompano Beach is what many consider the best location on the beach. Pompano Beach has renovated the beach front beyond expectations. Pompano Beach CRA is in the process of building a new pier and a iconic parking garage is completed. Investors are building restaurants and retail shops near the pier which is one block south of the Bermuda House. There is a new water taxi dock one block west of the new parking garage which provides water taxi service to many locations and restaurants. There is also a new library and fire station. Much more beach area development is planned.

Bermuda House Staff:

Galant Management is our CAM management team and provides a very good professional management service. Our janitorial and maintenance staff are outside contractors also and it took quite some time to develop this quality team. A good staff is essential to maintaining the building properly.


The Bermuda House has a professional condominium bookkeeper who does a very good job and our office administrator and Treasurer closely review and approves every invoice that is paid out. The association complies with Florida Statutes regarding financial audits.

Maintenance Fees and Assessments:

Monthly maintenance fees in 2018 are $530. per month and this includes a Comcast television bulk service agreement that includes HBO premium channels. There are no additional owner assessments that are board approved at this time for 2018. Owner assessments in the past were often necessary to get the Bermuda House building to the condition as exists today. Hurricane windows/shutters, Cement, Electrical and Plumbing Projects were a huge expense. The building is in very good condition and the key to control future building expenses resulting in fewer owner assessments is preventative maintenance on the building. Our CAM and board of director team is developing a maintenance plan to address small building defects before they become large defects. With a decrease in future building repairs reserve funds will increase to cover future large building expenses.

Bermuda House Board of Directors:

VP: Steve Bertelli, Treasurer: Rick Ciesla, Secretary: Tracy Dale, Director: John Walzer, Director: John Niedzialek, Director: Frank Sergi and myself.

The Bermuda House board of directors have dedicated much of their time to make this building a great place to live. The directors in this building are honest and ethics is a big part of being on the Bermuda House board of directors. Without a doubt the boards of directors are honest and dedicated to spending owner's money wisely.

Updating Apartments:

Many owners are installing larger floor to ceiling hurricane rated living room windows or sliders for the "South Beach Look" and many are also installing Eurotech hurricane rated guest bedroom doors that match the main apartment door as approved by the board of directors. Apartment renovations must be approved by the office and the contractor must be licensed and insured. The Pompano Beach building department inspectors closely inspect all apartment renovations.

Property Valuation:

The Bermuda House is a unique building that is managed, maintained and fortified to a high standard. It is the association's opinion that the Bermuda House owners should not have their property compared for valuation with neighboring buildings which were not designed, built, maintained, updated or fortified for hurricane and fire protection to the same standard as the Bermuda House.

Steve Snider, Bermuda House President

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